Oil and Gas

Oil and Industry is in the threshold of tremendous transformations both operationally and technologically. In recognizing the need to upgrade the technology usage to address these transformational needs the O&G industry is focusing on:

  • Closer and possibly continuous monitoring of their assets and their utilization

  • Improved efficiencies in inspections and maintenance

  • Faster turnaround of asset audits so as to reduce the gap between inspection and maintenance

  • Reduce risks of asset failure by proactive predictions and actions

  • Minimize risk of failures so as to reduce impact of economic penalties as well as environmental disasters

O.AI’s solutions are designed to facilitate the O&G industry progress on the path of technology enabling solutions that address these very requirements. O.AI’s solutions combined with the engineering expertise of Ocean Atlantic International is designed to help the O&G industry transition. Our digital twin enabling solutions Asset Monitoring and Maintenance solutions (HOME and CORALS) are focused around enabling the O&G companies to advance their transition towards benefiting from digital twin technology. And our DIVE and DRONAR solutions are focused on inspection, maintenance and surveillance of these assets and further feeds into the digital twin enablement of this industry.

Do reach out to write to us is you need any information on our solutions for the Oil and Gas industry