Embedding business learning into Deep Learning


Engineering inspection is a critical function of most industries involving equipment, assets (mechanical and structural). Traditionally, inspection has been a manual and time consuming activity, due to critical need for defect free inspection and regulatory demands placed on such inspection. With the advent of new technologies like drones and robotics significant efficiencies have been introduced over manual on-foot inspection. Visual assessment of the visual images and captures and the reporting is still a manual process and there is significant potential for
  • improving efficiency
  • reducing omission and human error
  • improve time and precision of reportage

Over the last few years, technology has significantly evolved to address the first major phase using drones, robots and IOT sensors to inspect and monitor the assets and equipment.
DIVE stands for Digital Inspection Visual Engine.


DIVE is an Enterprise Inspection and Reporting platform providing seamless enterprise scalability, collaboration and reporting.
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DIVE X is a universal development tool kit for AI and Deep Learning data processing. Designed for industrial applications that use Computer Vision technology, its a highly scalable, pay-as-you-use image annotation engine. Support for Video, text and Audio will be added shortly.

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DIVE X is a universal development tool kit for AI data processing. Designed for industrial applications using Computer Vision technology. Its is a highly scalable pay as you use image annotation engine. Support for Video, text and Audio will be added shortly.
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Agri-GRAPHY provides aerial solutions including inspection and intervention solutions using our wide array of drone and/or satellite enabled solutions. These target to capture various data sets for the agri-industry including:
  • Land use and Land Analytics
  • Multi-spectral and Hyper-spectral analysis of Land and Crop
  • Land and perimeter surveillance
  • Crop analytics (e.g. crop type, crop yield, crop density, crop quality)
  • Crop disease analysis and intervention solutions (viz. pest control)
  • Satellite time-series analytics of land and Crop
  • Aerial reforestation
  • Composite view models: Ortho-mosaic, LIDAR, Digital Terrain, Digital Surface

Merging the best-of-breed drone & AI solutions for the agricultural industry
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Monitoring and tracking of Composite repair assets through their lifecycle using IIOT and Sensors.
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CORALS's CORALS- COmposite Repiar Active Lifecyle system looks to deliver systematic and methodical CR solutions, keeping compliance with standards like ASME PCC-2 Article 4.1 and ISO 24817. and amanging the liefcycle of a CR asset. The solution is designed to address:
  • Composite repair history with pre and post-documentation
  • Design life management
  • repair integrity and test history
  • Comprehensive repair documentation
  • Management of repair inspection and audit
  • Enabling real time monitoring of through IOT


Hose management is a critical function of asset management in the Oil and Gas, Energy and Mining industry. Hose management helps
  • reduces disruptions and minimizes asset downtime,
  • Improves hose cataloguing
  • improves monitoring
  • reduces unnecessary stock-holding's HOse Management Engine is designed to delivery these efficiencies. Over and above which it also:
  • improves monitoring efficiency through IOT enabled solutions
  • enables quick and easy access to hose documentation, and certification and imaging
  • empowers regular and systematic audit and inspection

Integrating IIOT & Asset Management
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Aerial surveillance and MV driven detection and alerts
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Drones are increasingly a key component to security and surveillance on large scale properties and land assets. Drones make it easier and quicker to scan the perimeter and over large areas. Drones also make is safer by being operated remotely to visually assess threats before making a human intervention.’s deep learning surveillance solutions further enhances the efficiency and accuracy of aerial surveillance, enabling automated anomaly/intruder/threat detection and alerting the relevant operational teams.’s DRONAR is designed for intruder detection, crowd detection, thermal detection, agri-surveillance for bird and animal intrusion in near real-time.
Safety and Health-based solutions
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Any engineering operation has worker health, providing and safe working environment and making sure there are no adverse impact to the environment, as amongst the top priorities.
Asset inspection and maintenance and Worker health and safety are closely integrated to each other. It is imperative that the asset is kept well so that the worker and the environment is safe and the worker is kept well so that the asset and the environment are safe, and that the environment is safe so that the asset and worker are safe. All three are intricately linked to each other.
Towards this partners with IOT partners and wearables technology vendors to build and provide safe and secure working solutions for our customers. There are wide rage of solutions we offer from worker safety, secure environment inspection to constant monitoring of assets using IOT and sensors.