The Mining industry, like the Oil and gas industry is going through similar changes and transformations. Increased regulatory mandate around mining and the need to minimize the impact of mining on the environment has skyrocketed the operational costs. To mitigate these costs it is imperative that industry adopts efficient technology solutions that will help them address these needs while reducing costs.

Furthermore, it is imperative that equipment and assets used in the mining industry needs systematic and proactive maintenance so as to be able increase their life of operations. Towards this, the custom platforms that we provide complimenting regular inspections(DIVE and DRONAR) and maintenance(HOME and CORALS) of these become vital tools that help to achieve this for our clients in the industry. is your ideal solutions provider to help you address these needs. With our extensive partner network and pre-composed but customisable solutions, we believe we are your right partner to help address your key challenges.

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