Energy industries (renewables) have always been large scale operations and need tremendous amount of monitoring and maintenance to keep them running. Traditionally, humans have managed to do these. But as the demands of the markets grow it is imperative that risks and and the scale operations also need to grow and be more reliable. Some of the energy industries focus areas for assets and equipment are:

    • Equipment and asset inspection and monitoring

      • Windmills ( Onshore and Offshore)

      • Solar Panels ( Onshore and offshore)

      • Dam inspection

    • Continuous risk assessment of equipment to be able predict and prevent failures

    • Perform preventive maintenance and repairs of assets and equipment

The energy industry also is involved in

    • large scale land and terrain assessment for deployment of projects.

    • surveillance of facilities and monitoring their perimeter security.

O.AI’s energy focused solutions looks to target the energy industries specific needs using our solutions like DIVE, and DRONAR. These solutions are designed to address specific needs of the industry.

O.AI’s HOME and CORALS are also designed to help the energy industries monitor and manage frequently changing and moving assets and rapidly deteriorating ones, so as to be able to prevent any under-utilisation, misplacement, loss or failure of them.

Do reach out to us is you need any information on our solutions for the energy industry.