Agriculture helps the agri-industry by leveraging the use of AI and Deep learning to help address the problem of large-scale land survey and crop analysis. Traditionally, satellites have been used by this industry to perform analysis that helps they do crop analysis like :

  • Crop Type, Crop Vigor/Crop Density, Crop Yield

  • Row Density, Plant height

  • Biomass Analysis, Chlorophyll (nitrogen Levels)

  • Farm Stress analysis, Soil Vigor, Land and Plot Statistics

These analytics are enabled by our drone-based solutions and satellite based solutions which we deliver through our partner network. We deliver analytics and solutions by using:

  • Orthomosaic imaging

  • LIDAR imaging

  • Digital Terrain model

  • Digital Surface model

Our AGRI-GRAPHY and DRONAR solutions is a composite of these various parts of solution put together to help deliver high-value outputs to the agriculture industry, enabling them to make informed business decisions and choices.

Do reach out to us if you need any information on our solutions for the Agriculture industry.